Chainlink (LINK) Founder Sergey Nazarov, in his latest interview with Bloomberg TV, spot Bitcoin Launch of ETFs cryptocurrency He evaluated it as a “turning point” for the sector.

He said this development marks the beginning of a significant capital flow from global finance to the crypto market.

Nazarov said the “net new buyers” driving this bull market cycle are institutional investors around the world. Following the success of Bitcoin ETFs, these investors are now exploring other ways to access digital assets.

“Historically, net new buyers drive greater adoption and market cycles,” Nazarov said. “And in this cycle, net new buyers are the global financial system, which is a very large group of net new buyers.”

Nazarov linked the emergence of Bitcoin ETFs with an initial offering that enabled the global financial system to invest in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. These structures have a comfortable, normal and risk-manageable structure for these institutions.

He also noted that considering the total net new market opening up through vehicles such as ETFs, even conservative estimates suggest that a significant amount of value could flow not only into Bitcoin ETFs but also into other cryptocurrency ETFs.

Nazarov continued: “I think this is just the beginning because the next stage is asset tokenization, where banks see all these inflows into ETFs and create assets to compete with ETFs or capture some of this capital.”

According to Nazarov, the regulatory approval of the Bitcoin ETF has made institutions more comfortable with the digital asset class as they can now invest in a way they are familiar with.

Nazarov described this as a turning point where the world’s top asset managers reached a comfort level with BTC:

“This inflection point is basically a way for a very large market to access cryptocurrency, and the size of that market is not fully understood even by the average consumer or some other institutions.”

*This is not investment advice.

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