The South Korean Government has announced that it will reconsider its position on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, after North Korea and Russia signed a treaty that includes a mutual commitment to provide immediate military assistance if any of them are attacked.

South Korea’s national security advisor, Chang Ho-jin, also condemned “the comprehensive strategic treaty” signed during the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Chairman of the State Affairs Committee Kim Jong-unin Pyongyang.

“The Government expresses its serious concern and condemns the signing of the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between North Korea and Russiawhich aims to strengthen mutual military and economic cooperation,” Chang commented during a press conference at the presidential office in Seoul.

South Korea strengthens deterrence, security cooperation in the face of regional challenges

Chang added that any cooperation that directly or indirectly helps North Korea’s military upgrade is a violation of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and will be subject to international scrutiny and sanctions, and vowed to take action. corresponding.

The national security adviser also noted that South Korea plans to reconsider the issue of arms support for Ukraine, suggesting a change in South Korea’s policy of not providing lethal aid to the European country.

New North Korea-Russia pact stipulates “all means” of military aid

Air defense systems could be on the list of possible supports, as Ukraine desperately needs missile shields to counter Russian airstrikes.

On the other hand, South Korea will impose more sanctions on four Russian ships, five organizations and eight individuals involved in the transfer of weapons and oil between North Korea and Russia.

Following the war in Ukraine, 1,139 items exported to Russia are subject to export controls, and South Korea will add 243 new items, bringing the total items under sanctions to 1,402.

Chang explained that it was “problematic” that North Korea and Russia, with their history of starting the Korean War and the war in Ukraine, respectively, promised military cooperation based on the hypothetical assumption of a preemptive strike. He added that it is a wrong and irrational argument that ignores international responsibility and norms.

Taking into account the deepening ties between these two countries, the South Korean authorities have promised to respond firmly to any security threats, in coordination with the international community.

Chang noted that the Government will further strengthen the extended deterrence of the South Korea-US alliance USA and security cooperation between South Korea, the US and Japan, to deter North Korean nuclear and missile threats.


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