The armies of South Korea and the United States began naval maneuvers with live fire and anti-submarine exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan this Monday, in response to North Korea’s latest actions.

Two maritime patrol planes and nine ships, including two submarines from the South Korean Naval Forces, are taking part in the exercise, which will last until September 27, according to a statement from the South Korean Navy.

On the American side, the destroyer USS Shoup, equipped with the Aegis system, and the cruiser USS Robert Smalls.

The exercises were designed “to strengthen allies’ interoperability capabilities at a time when nuclear and missile threats intensifyincluding the recent launch of what North Korea calls a space launch vehicle and the presentation of a new submarine,” according to the statement.


A few weeks ago, Pyongyang launched a new tactical nuclear attack submarine, its first submersible capable of launching ballistic missiles (SSB), designed to have operational capabilities.

For its part, the North Korean regime launched a space rocket on August 24 with which it attempted to place its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit, without success.

This was the second failed attempt in this area made this year by North Korea, which announced that it will try again to place a spy satellite in Earth’s orbit in October.


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