The meme coin storm continues in the cryptocurrency world. Dogwifhat (WIF), which has risen greatly since the beginning of 2024 like many other cryptocurrencies, broke its own record today.

The market value of WIF, which reached 4 dollars in the early morning hours, exceeded 3.7 billion dollars. This rise in WIF enabled it to surpass PEPE in the ranking of meme coins. PEPE was also one of the sharpest rising meme tokens of 2024.

While the market value of PEPE was around 3.3 billion dollars at the time the news was written, this figure was around 3.69 billion dollars for WIF… DOGE is in the first place with a market value of 30 billion dollars, and SHIB is in the second place with 18 billion dollars.

WIF, DOGE and FLOKI, which have recorded significant increases in the last 24 hours, also increase the total market value of meme coins. The total meme coin market value exceeded 70 billion dollars.

The wallet that bought WIF at $0.24 still hasn’t sold!

On the other hand, on-chain data shows that a wallet that started buying WIF at $ 0.24 in December 2023 is still not selling despite all the increases. The profit of the account has exceeded 135 million dollars…

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