The management, which handled FTX’s bankruptcy process, sold approximately two-thirds of the $2.6 billion SOL asset at a steep discount.

According to Bloomberg, the sale in question was made to a group that includes industry heavyweights such as Galaxy Trading and Pantera Capital. According to the agreement reached, each SOL was sold for $64. Covering a total of 25 to 30 billion locked SOL tokens, the deal represents a first in the crypto industry in terms of its size.

The reason why the price is so low is related to the tokens being locked. The buyer group will be able to purchase the tokens gradually over a period of four years. Therefore, the deal could pose both a risk and a huge opportunity for buyers.

If prices remain close to current levels, purchasing at $64 will offer a serious profit opportunity for the industry giants. On the other hand, considering that SOL dropped by 97 percent in the last bear market, it can also be said that it poses a significant risk. 80 percent of the tokens will be unlocked monthly until January 2028.

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