Mount Changbaishan, along with five other Chinese sites, were named Global Geoparks by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) last week.

“The UNESCO Executive Board has endorsed the addition of 18 sites to the global network. This brings the total number of geoparks to 213 in 48 countries,” the Paris-based UN body said in a statement.

Among the newly designated, Mount Changbaishan Geopark is located in northeast China’s Jilin Province, home to dramatic landforms and diverse rock types that document significant multiphase volcanic eruptions.

The “millennium eruption”, which occurred around a thousand years ago, is one of the largest volcanic eruptions in modern history and left a lasting impact, creating special pyroclastic accumulations of international importance.

The other five are Enshi Grand Canyon and Tenglongdong Cave Geopark in Hubei Province; the Linxia Geopark in Gansu Province; the Longyan Geopark in Fujian Province; the Wugongshan Geopark in Jiangxi Province; and Xingyi Geopark in Guizhou Province.


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