Scallion Pancakes, also known as “Cong You Bing” in Mandarin (葱油饼), are a popular dish in Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine. These are thin, crispy pancakes, made with a dough made from wheat flour, water and chives (also known as chives or green onions).

This dish has its origins in Shandong province, but has spread widely throughout China and has gained popularity in other Asian countries.

At the table, they are usually served as an appetizer or accompaniment. They are presented whole or cut into smaller pieces, generally accompanied by a dipping sauce, which can be soy, vinegar-based, or a mixture of both with sesame oil and other spices.

To eat them, they can be picked up with your hands and dipped in the sauce before each bite, or they can be cut into smaller portions and eaten with chopsticks or a fork. The crunchy, golden exterior contrasts wonderfully with the soft, scallion-flavored interior.


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