Easy to make and with a delicious flavor, this Romeo and Juliet dessert also looks beautiful!

Romeo and Juliet dessert

Romeo and Juliet dessert

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This Romeo and Juliet dessert turns the post-meal moment into the most anticipated time of the day!

Guava Ingredients

  • 1 package of unflavored colorless gelatin (12 grams)

  • 1 cup and 1/2 (tea) of water

  • 700 grams of guava paste

  • Cream Ingredients
  • 1 package of unflavored colorless gelatin (12 grams)

  • 1 box of condensed milk

  • 2 boxes of cream

  • 200 grams of cream cheese

  • 50 grams of grated parmesan cheese

Preparation mode

  • Chop the guava paste into small cubes and transfer to a pan. Add the water, bring to the boil, stir constantly until it melts and forms a paste and turn off the heat.
  • Prepare 1 package of colorless gelatin following the instructions on the package and place it in the melted guava paste.
  • Mix well and transfer to an oiled pan. Let cool slightly at room temperature and leave in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.
  • In a blender, place the cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, grated parmesan cheese and beat well.
  • Add the other colorless gelatin prepared according to the instructions and beat quickly. Pour the cream over the already hardened guava paste and leave it in the fridge for another 6 hours.
  • Run a knife along the sides of the mold to make it easier to unmold (if the mold is made of silicone, just tilt it to release) and the Romeo and Juliet dessert is ready.

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