To date, Bluepoch is making a good start toward becoming a globally recognized company, thanks to the success of Reverse: 1999. The title has managed to effectively monetize its Japanese audience and has a sizable player base in the United States, although China remains being its most played territory and with the greatest expense.

70% of Reverse: 1999’s revenue, totaling $51.8 million, is not solely due to a five-month lead. Rather, they reflect increased spending in China, with 85% of May 2024 revenue coming from that country, while only 15% comes from abroad.

Japan and the United States have consistently been the second and third largest revenue generators, contributing 14% and 8% of gaming revenue.

Downloads show a similar trend. The largest region in downloads is China with 43% in the last year, explained not only by the country’s initial lead but also by continued success there.

These number increases are likely due to the RPG releasing Version 1.9 with new characters and content during the game’s first anniversary celebration in China, generating new interest and increasing player spending.

The United States and Japan represent 12% and 9% of total downloads, or 10% and 7% in the last 30 days. Globally, the game is about to reach 20 million installations.

The semi-anniversary of Reverse: 1999 has begun with the Notes on Shuori event. A time-limited character is introduced for the first time: Jiu Niangzi, a new 6-star character who can be summoned during the event period and will not be added to the general pool afterwards.


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