The Raosanling Festival is an important cultural celebration for the Bai people in Yunnan Province, China. It takes place in the fourth month of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and lasts three days. This festival is a combination of religious, folk and social traditions, and is an occasion for the Bai community to gather, celebrate and worship.

During this time, the Bai, dressed in traditional folk costumes and with great enthusiasm, participate in pilgrimages to three local temples, singing and dancing along the way, creating a magnificent sight not to be missed. Locals believe their devout worship will bring good weather to nourish their crops and ensure a bountiful harvest in autumn.

A festival of celebration, romance and cultural heritage

In addition to the religious aspects, the Raosanling festival is also a time for social celebration. The Bai community organizes activities such as fairs, traditional games, dance and music performances, and community banquets. Cultural activities such as theater performances and exhibitions of local crafts are also held.

This festive event also has a romantic aspect as it is considered a special occasion for love and romance. Lovers often participate in pilgrimages and festivities together, and the event is often known as the “Valentine’s Day” of the Bai.

In 2006, Raosanling was recognized and added to the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, highlighting its cultural significance and role in preserving the ancestral traditions of the Bai people.


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