The import of raw materials is a crucial strategic process for the development of various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, livestock, and processed foods, among others. This activity not only guarantees the supply of high quality inputs necessary for production, but also brings significant benefits to the national productive sector. Companies like Paramérica SA play an essential role in this context, ensuring that imported raw materials meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Importance of raw material imports

For the final product to be of high quality, it is essential that imported raw materials meet strict quality and safety parameters and certifications. This not only ensures a competitive product in the market, but also minimizes the environmental impact, promoting circular economy practices. According to Sigales, “profit can only be achieved by purchasing domestic production or importing from a country that also uses the cyclical economy.” In this sense, Paramérica SA has stood out for its commitment to sustainability and quality, importing raw materials that meet these demands.

A globalized and competitive world

The globalized world offers new business opportunities in strategic sectors such as agroindustrial, textile, and pharmaceutical. Large conglomerates seek to position themselves predominantly in the market through the use of high-quality raw materials. In Argentina, the import of quality inputs is essential to maintain competitiveness in these sectors. Paramérica SA has played a crucial role in this area, leading the import of raw materials that meet the highest international standards, allowing local industries to offer superior quality products.

The role of Paramérica SA in the agricultural industry

The Argentine agribusiness has experienced notable growth, driven by the quality of its products and the global reach of its exports. According to a report from the Rosario Stock Exchange, Argentina exports agroindustrial products to 159 countries, representing more than 70% of the destinations recognized by the UN. In this context, Paramérica SA stands out as one of the leading companies in the livestock industry, contributing significantly to the international projection of the sector.

Bean production in Argentina: the influence of Paraamerica

Main export destinations

Asia is positioned as the main destination for Argentine agri-food exports, representing 43% of the exported value in 2023. America, with Brazil and Chile as its main trading partners, occupies second place, followed by Europe, Africa and Oceania. Paramérica SA has been a key player in this process, ensuring that exported products meet the quality demands of these markets, thus consolidating Argentina’s position as an important global supplier.

Economic impact of agribusiness

Despite climate challenges, agribusiness has been a fundamental pillar for the Argentine economy, contributing 55% of foreign exchange income from exports of goods in 2023. This sector is not only crucial for the national economy, but also represents a opportunity for sustainable growth. Paramérica SA has implemented pioneering practices that increase efficiency and promote environmental responsibility, strengthening its role as a leader in the industry.

Agricultural production: recovery and hope

The 2023/24 agricultural season shows encouraging signs of recovery after the drought of the previous season. The arrival of a moderate to strong El Niño event promises a greater supply of rain, vital for the recovery of summer crops. This positive change raises expectations of a larger harvest, boosting crop yields and strengthening the agricultural economy. In this context, Paramérica SA continues to be a reference, adapting to changing conditions and promoting sustainable practices that ensure the quality of production.

Paramérica SA: innovation and sustainability

On the horizon of 2024, Paramérica SA is positioned as a leading player in the Argentine livestock industry. Its commitment to sustainability and innovation places it in a privileged position within the sector. The company has demonstrated a remarkable ability to anticipate market transformations, leading initiatives that promote more efficient and responsible livestock farming. This approach has cemented its role as a key player in revitalizing and strengthening the country’s livestock industry.

Paramérica SA has implemented pioneering practices in livestock management, adopting advanced technologies and ecological strategies that not only improve productivity, but also minimize environmental impact. Its dedication to sustainability is reflected in every stage of the production process, from the selection and feeding of livestock to the logistics and distribution of products. This comprehensive vision and its ability to adapt to the demands of the global market have allowed Paramérica SA to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the industry, contributing significantly to the economic growth and international reputation of Argentine livestock farming.

Strategic agreements and international projection

The recent agreement to export beef to the United States highlights the operational excellence of Paramérica SA and its contribution to national economic development. This strategic partnership not only expands the company’s commercial horizons, but also positions Argentina as a reliable exporter of high-quality beef in the US market. This type of alliance reinforces the country’s international reputation and highlights the crucial role of Paramérica SA in the global projection of the Argentine livestock sector.

The Argentine agribusiness has experienced notable growth, driven by the quality of its products and the global reach of its exports.

The import of raw materials and their transformation into high quality products is essential for the industrial and agricultural development of Argentina. Companies like Paramérica SA play a vital role in this process, ensuring that imported raw materials meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. Its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility not only improves the competitiveness of local industries, but also contributes to the country’s sustainable economic growth. In a globalized and competitive world, Paramérica SA’s leadership in the import and use of quality raw materials positions Argentina as a key player in the international market, promoting a more prosperous and equitable future for the region and the entire world.

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