The content of the second phase of negotiations within the framework of the 21st Century Trade Initiative between Taiwan and the United States, made public by the North American power, has been well received by the Government and the Taiwanese people.

According to the Executive Yuan (EY), the draft proposed by the US focuses on areas covering agriculture, the environment and labor rights. Suggestions for the first area include sustainable agriculture and agricultural business practices; guarantee food safety and the protection of animal and plant health; as well as improve the transparency of the regulatory procedure.

Regarding the environment, the American nation raised its concern about climate change and proposed deepening bilateral cooperation in clean energy and the circular economy. Regarding labor rights, it also recommended strengthening the protection of migrant workers, promoting the labor rights of workers in the digital economy and improving working conditions on deep-sea fishing vessels.

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In response, the EY stated that these recommendations will allow Taiwan to segregate domestic environmental and labor laws with international standards, while strengthening local connections to global supply chains and improving the nation’s agricultural exports.

In the follow-up process, the EY Trade Negotiations Office will cooperate with the Ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Foreign Affairs, Health and Welfare, Labor, Home Affairs, the Cabinet-level Financial Supervision Commission and the Council for Ocean Affairs of the country to consult with the Legislature and relevant stakeholders to seek consensus with the US.


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