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North Korea launched this Wednesday two ballistic missiles that fell into the Sea of ​​Japanat a time when leader Kim Jong-un is in Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

Japan’s Coast Guard, citing the Tokyo Defense Ministry, said it was two ballistic missiles and asked ships around the Japanese coast to Be careful with falling objects.

Images of Kim Jong-un as he leaves for Russia


Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno told reporters that the missiles “appear to have fallen outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone“, adding that launch details are being analyzed.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff also said that the missiles were fired “between 11:43 am and 11:53 am” (3:43 am and 3:53 am in Lisbon), from an area in Sunan, where is the international airport of the north korean capitalPyongyang.

“Our military has increased its vigilance in anticipation of further launches, while remaining ready to intervene in close collaboration with the United States“, indicated the South Korean military

The launch comes at a time when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in Russia for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Official Russian news agencies reported this Wednesday that Putin and Kim have already met, with a handshake, at the Vostochny space base, in the Amur region, in the far east of Russia.

Kim Jong-un says visit to Russia shows “strategic importance” of bilateral ties

Kim arrived at Vostochny railway station from North Korea in his special armored train, from where he was transported to space base in a limousine.

According to the official Russian press, Putin received the leader of North Korea, saying he was “very happy” with the meetingwhile Kim thanked him for the invitation to visit Russia, “despite [Putin] being busy”.

The two leaders will first visit the space base and then talk, for about three hourson “commercial relations” and “international affairs”, in the second bilateral meeting since 2019, according to the Russian state press.

Kim’s entourage includes the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, as well as senior military officials, such as the director of the Munitions Industrial Department and also the Secretary for Science and Education of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, linked to the space program. North Korean.

The Kremlin stated that bilateral cooperation or commercial ties will be on the agenda of the meeting between Kim and Putin, as well as “sensitive issues” that will not be shared publicly, which is interpreted as confirmation that the two leaders will discuss military exchanges.

Leaders of Russia and North Korea will debate “sensitive issues”

South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Lim Soo-suk said Seoul is in communication with Russia as it closely monitors Kim’s visit.

“No UN Member State should violate Security Council sanctions against North Korea by engaging in illegal arms trade, and it certainly should not engage in military cooperation with North Korea that undermines peace. and the stability of the international community,” Lim said at a press conference.


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