Chinese researchers discovered a new species of fungus, Cystoderma yongpingense, in Yongping District, a Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali, Yunnan Province, southwest China.

The results, published in the academic journal Mycoscience, revealed that the species’ pileus is wrinkled with a persistent ring that is membranous and scaly, and its color varies from red-orange.

The new species was collected in August 2022 by a team from the Kunming Edible Fungus Research Institute during a field visit in Baotaishan national forest park. The team said the species belongs to the genus Cystoderma, which currently comprises more than 30 known species.

Most Cystoderma species are saprophytic and usually live in groups in habitats such as moss or decaying wood under coniferous trees.


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