Based on Chinese aesthetics and local Hangzhou culture, and inspired by the culture of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), “Xixi Tonight” portrays the story of the distinguished Hong family.

The father’s character, Hong Hao, who served as his country’s envoy and was away from home for 15 years, dedicated himself to safeguarding the peace of his nation. The mother character, Mrs. Shen, stayed at home and raised her children alone until they became outstanding people. The couple’s love story and the Hong family’s patriotic spirit became a beautiful timeless legend that spread throughout the Xixi Wetlands area.

The performance used the natural landscape of Xixi National Wetland Park as a backdrop to show this wonderful story. The utilization of some modern technologies also helped to emphasize the unique beauty of the show. It adopted both indoor and outdoor live drama, a series of digital art installations on stage, 360-degree rotation of the auditorium, light and sound effects, holographic sound and projection, simulation technology and multimedia control to deliver an immersive experience. for the public. In the viewing area, visitors immersed themselves in a natural “oxygen bar” and felt the fresh air while watching the show.


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