After the third conciliation hearing held in Buenos Aires and with the participation of all parties involved, ENARSA and Gezhouba have agreed to resume the construction of the hydroelectric dams planned on the Santa Cruz River, after the winter ban.

The Minister of Labor of the province of Santa Cruz, Julio Gutiérrez, who represented the provincial State at the hearing, confirmed the commitment reached by ENARSA, the national government and the Chinese company Gezhouba to restart the work once the winter ban ends. Gutiérrez highlighted the importance of this agreement, pointing out that it is a fundamental aspect for all those involved.

During the meeting in Buenos Aires, representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Santa Cruz were present, as well as Gezhouba, the UTE Represas Patagónicas and ENARSA. All sectors committed to working together to accelerate deadlines and ensure that workers can receive their back wages.

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Minister Gutiérrez expressed concern about the impact that the delay in construction has had on workers and the region in general. In addition, he highlighted that ENARSA will sign addendum 12 in the coming days, related to public debt, which paves the way for the resumption of work.

This agreement occurs in the context of the mandatory conciliation dictated by the province of Santa Cruz, in response to the sending of dismissal telegrams to workers by the UTE of companies. Since the beginning of his administration, Governor Claudio Vidal has emphasized the importance of completing this project for provincial development.

The commitment reached between ENARSA, Gezhouba and the provincial authorities represents a step forward for the resumption of the works on the hydroelectric dams, an initiative of strategic relevance for the region.


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