Bitcoin The whitepaper made a successful return to the website, marking the end of the legal process involving Craig Wright, who previously claimed to be BTC founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2021, Wright’s website was forced to remove the PDF version of the whitepaper after a lawsuit was filed against Cøbra, the anonymous group that runs the site, for copyright infringement. But Wright’s victory was undermined by the complete debunking of his claims that he was Satoshi and, by extension, that he wrote the white paper.

The return of the Bitcoin whitepaper was announced by administrator Hennadii Stepanov, who shared a link to the PDF in question on the X platform.

Legal proceedings initiated by Wright required Cøbra to appear in court hearings threatening to expose his anonymity. As a result of Cøbra choosing not to attend these hearings, Wright won the case by default and Cøbra was ordered to pay £35,000 ($40,100) towards Wright’s legal costs.

As a result of the case, was forced to stop making the Bitcoin whitepaper available to users in the UK. Despite these issues, numerous publishers have come together to share the Bitcoin whitepaper in a collective act of protest. Square, owned by Jack Dorsey cryptocurrency department and various governments, including the United States, Estonia and Colombia, had published the document on their platforms.

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