Dogecoin He has previously made critical comments about Ripple CEO’su Brad GarlinghosueNew statements regarding DOGE came from .

Speaking at the Consensus 2024 conference, Garlinghouse said: He stated that Dogecoin, the largest memecoin, has no practical use and does not help the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite its significant market cap of $23.22 billion, Garlinghouse DOGEHe stated that it has no real value, it only encourages speculation in the crypto sector and grows with speculation.

Stating that there is no regulatory clarity for crypto in the USA at this point, Ripple CEO said that the way forward for crypto should focus on solving real problems:

“We must be more than speculation. This sounds like a lot of nonsense, but I’ll say it anyway.

I don’t think Dogecoin is a good thing for the industry.

I’m not anti-Dogecoin, but I don’t know what the use case is. It is not even clear whether it has real value.

I see real benefit in many different chains like DOGE, and I think that’s what’s critical.

Memecoins, such as Dogecoin, developed through speculation, are becoming a serious obstacle to the development of the sector.”

DOGE At the time of writing, it continues to trade at $0.159.

*This is not investment advice.

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