MicroStrategy’s X account, which had more than 190 thousand Bitcoins, was hacked and it was stated in the post that an Ethereum-based MSTR token would be issued.

In the tweet, it was stated that the token, which will be issued with the abbreviation MSTR, which is the stock code, will be supported by the company’s Bitcoin reserves, and a link was also shared “for those who want to win the token”.

Despite all the warnings about phishing and phishing, which are the most commonly used attack methods of recent times, it was noteworthy that many followers fell into this trap.

Although the number of followers who clicked on the link is unknown, the ZachXBT account, known for its crypto and on-chain research, stated that the total amount stolen was around 440 thousand dollars.

As it is known, those who click on the trap link shared in such attacks connect their wallets to the system created by hackers and literally surrender their assets to these attackers.

There is no statement yet from MicroStrategy or the chairman of the board, Michael Saylor, on the subject.

According to information from on-chain tracking companies, 350 thousand people’s accounts were stolen and around 375 million dollars of funds were stolen due to phishing and phishing attacks in 2023 alone.

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