MicroStrategy, a company that has been making regular Bitcoin purchases since 2020 under the leadership of Michael Saylor, announced a new BTC purchase. The company purchased 3000 Bitcoins at a price of $155 million. The average price paid for BTCs was $51,800.

It exceeded 193 thousand…

With this purchase, the number of Bitcoins held by MicroStrategy exceeded 193 thousand. While the company’s last purchase was made between February 15-25, the average of all purchases so far was announced as $ 31,544.

Profit is 3.8 billion dollars…

While the company has paid $6.09 billion for the Bitcoins it has purchased so far, it has made a profit of $3.8 billion from these Bitcoins.

With the official announcement, MSTR shares closed at $687 on Friday and managed to exceed $695 in pre-opening pricing.

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