North American technology company Microsoft will invest 2.9 billion dollars (2.67 billion euros) to expand Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructures in JapanJapanese broadcaster NHK reported this Wednesday.

Unveiled on Tuesday in Washington and planned for the next two years, this investment also includes the expansion of data storage in the cloud and the establishment of the company’s first research center in the Asian country.

The technology giant’s bet involves expand growing demand for generative AI services in Japan and expands an existing agreement between Microsoft and Tokyo.

This will be the North American company’s most significant investment in Japan, expanding the company’s facilities in the capital, Tokyo, (center) and Osaka (west), to increase the information processing capacity of data centers essential for AI. generative technology and introduce next-generation AI semiconductors, NHK reported.


Microsoft President Brad Smith made the announcement during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in which he was also closer cooperation on cybersecurity addressed and sharing information in the event of cyber attacks.

“A collaboration with global companies with digital infrastructures is important for Japanese industry as a whole. I look forward to continued cooperation,” said Kishida, who is in Washington on an official visit.

Smith added that “Japan has a huge technological base” and that AI can represent an opportunity in the face of an aging population, making this investment “essential for its development”.

Kishida will participate in a summit in the coming days with US President Joe Biden and the leader of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., where the expansion of security and economic cooperation in the face of the rise of China will be discussed.

In addition to security issues, Kishida is expected to discuss the state of Japanese investment in the US with Biden and strengthening supply chains for raw materials and essential industrial components – including semiconductors and electrical batteries – an issue that will also be on the table with Marcos Jr.


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