Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek made important statements ranging from inflation to exchange rate, from tax studies to cryptocurrency regulations. Evaluating the agenda and answering questions in the Bloomberg HT-Habertürk joint broadcast, Minister Şimşek also gave time for cryptocurrency regulations.

“We think it will come after the election.”

Stating that they have prepared a bill that is regulatory, not frightening, on cryptocurrencies, Şimşek said, “The crypto bill is ready. Parliament is examining it. We think it will most likely come out after the election. We are trying to create a regulatory system, not a prohibitive one. “We think that CMB will be the licensing institution,” he said.

Şimşek also stated that they are in talks with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and that they expect to be removed from the gray list as of June this year.

“Inflation will fall”

Stating that there was a portfolio outflow in Turkey last year, but as of this year, they have started to see inflows in the opposite direction, the finance minister said, “There is a reserve increase of 60 billion dollars. Conditions that will reduce inflation are now being prepared. We will reduce inflation and make the Turkish lira strong. “As of this month, inflation will be on track,” he said.

“There are no surprises in taxes”

Stating that they will not surprise both the public and the markets regarding taxes, Şimşek said:

“We will implement whatever the target is in the Medium Term Program. We will not surprise citizens with taxes, just as we do with the business world. Some claims are being made due to the elections. These people have bad intentions…”

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