The president of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, met in Taipei with the new Taiwanese president, William Lai (Lai Ching-te), with the aim of strengthening cooperation between both countries to build a more prosperous future. During the meeting, Peña highlighted the importance of continuing to work together on joint projects, emphasizing that the success of Paraguay is also the success of Taiwan and vice versa.

“The two countries have worked together in the past to promote many projects. Going forward, both sides must continue to cooperate to lead the two countries to a better future that was unimaginable in the past. The success of Paraguay is the success of Taiwan, and the success of Taiwan is also the success of Paraguay,” declared Peña, according to a statement from the Presidential Office of Taiwan.

The Paraguayan president, who arrived in Taiwan last Sunday to attend Lai’s inauguration, highlighted the values ​​shared between Asunción and Taipei, such as freedom, democracy and human rights, which contribute to a more prosperous life for their citizens. towns. Peña expressed his desire to work alongside Lai and his government team to build a promising future.

“I look forward to working with President Lai and his new government team to write history so that we can be present, look to the future and make each person’s dreams come true, one by one,” Peña said.

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For his part, Lai, accompanied by his vice president Hsiao Bi-khim, praised Paraguay, calling it the “giant of South America,” and expressed his interest in deepening the partnership between both countries to advance towards freedom, stability and prosperity. Lai also thanked Peña for his support of Taiwan in international forums and his defense of the island’s international participation.

“I am grateful to President Peña for speaking out for Taiwan in international forums and supporting Taiwan’s international participation. “We are all grateful for this sincere friendship,” said the new Taiwanese president.

Since his arrival in Taiwan from the United States, Peña has had meetings with former Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen (2016-2024) and has carried out various activities, including a meeting with Paraguayan students in Taiwan.

Peña will remain on the island until Wednesday, accompanied by a delegation that includes his Foreign Ministers, Rubén Ramírez; of Information and Communication Technologies, Gustavo Villate; of Industry and Commerce, Javier Giménez; and the head of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, Raúl Latorre.

Paraguay has maintained diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan) since July 1957 and is currently the only country in South America that maintains these diplomatic ties.


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