China would like to celebrate the Spring Festival with the world and hopes that all civilizations will live in harmony and prosper together, said Mao Ning, spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Monday.

Mao made the remarks at a daily press conference when commenting on the fact that the 78th UN General Assembly adopted a resolution by consensus to list the Lunar New Year as a UN floating holiday.

Noting that the Lunar New Year, or what people call the Spring Festival in China, is the oldest and most important traditional festival in Chinese culture, Mao said it is a time for family reunion and celebrating the new year. and is celebrated in China and around the world.

“Some rough estimates suggest that the festival is a public holiday in nearly 20 countries and is celebrated in various ways by about a fifth of humanity,” Mao said. Traditional celebration activities are organized in nearly 200 countries and regions. The festival has become a global cultural event, bringing joy to people around the world, he added.


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