The list of names of military doctors from Unit 731, a Japanese biological warfare army during World War II, has been made public for the first time. The publication took place on Monday in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, in northeast China.

The historical material was discovered by Japanese scholar Seiya Matsuno, a special assignment professor at Heilongjiang International University, in July at the National Archives of Japan.

The document records the basic information of the military doctors of Unit 731, and which unit they belonged to, adjustments and demobilizations after 1944, covering the positions from lieutenant general to second lieutenant. It also includes staff rotation between Unit 731 and other healthcare facilities.

Jin Chengmin, curator of the Exhibition Hall of Evidence of Crimes Committed by Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army, said that by comparing and studying previous historical materials, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the general situation and the work experience of the invaders’ military doctors Japanese at the end of World War II.

It is the core material for further research into the overall scale, personnel composition and ranks of Unit 731, and the main evidence for fully recognizing the crimes committed by the Japanese invaders and the coordinated crimes committed by military doctors. It is of great importance for restoring historical truth and promoting academic research, according to Jin.


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