Although cryptocurrency investors generally start buying immediately when the trend changes from an uptrend to a downtrend, the famous analyst who manages billions of dollars Andrew Kang does not share the same opinion as investors.

Most Investors Are Doing It Wrong!

Sharing his thoughts from his X account, Kang pointed out that investors make early purchases when the crypto market is in a downward trend, and touched on the risks of early purchases.

At this point, Andrew Kang, who stated that general market corrections are usually longer and more severe than expected, made a recommendation to investors and traders.

The best time to buy, Kang says, is not during a downturn when a few people are facing bearish sentiment, but rather when everyone else has liquidated, weaker investors have left the market, and everyone is becoming bearish.

Accordingly, in this period when most investors give up Bitcoin ve altcoin it would make more sense to buy.

Majority of Altcoins Reached Their Peak!

Also Kang almost all altcoins He said he believes the market has reached the top of its cycle. According to the analyst, more than 98% of altcoins have reached their cycle tops.

Kang, He predicted that only a small portion of altcoins will reach potential new highs in the fourth quarter of 2024 or the first quarter of 2025.

BitcoinStating that is in a transition period, Andrew Kang said, BTCHe argued that the is currently in the midst of a transformation following the declines experienced.

Among the cryptocurrencies that will make new highs memecoinsStating that memecoins have unique potential despite their volatility and speculative nature, Kang emphasized that

However, the analyst noted that it is necessary to be selective among memecoins, claiming that only a few will reach new highs.

“I believe 98% of altcoins are at the top of their cycle, except for a handful that could create new highs in Q4 2024/Q1 2025.

I think Bitcoin is in a transition phase to a super-cyclical asset where it both retains characteristics from previous cyclical behavior and becomes an increasingly mature macro asset.

Memes probably make up the majority of cryptocurrencies with a chance of breaking new records

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of memecoins, you have to be very selective.”

*This is not investment advice.

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