A Malaysian music legend, Joe Flizzow is the singer, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur credited for putting Malaysian hip-hop on the global map. A former member of Too Phat now turned solo artist, Joe Flizzow has won several prestigious awards such as the Song Champion Award and the Music Industry Award. In early 2015, Joe’s song What’s to be Said from his album,Havoc, was crowned the best song at the 29th Song Champion Award, with his other song from the same album, What Khabar, winning Best Hip Hop Song at the 21st Music Industry Awards. A massive part of Joe’s claim to fame comes as founder of one of the biggest independent Asian music record labels, Kartel Records established in 2005. Kartel has become a household name in the music industry with prominent local artists like Altimet and SonaOne signing under the label. This past April, along with several other local celebrities, Joe participated in campaigns against cyberbullying and spreading false news on social media.

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