Jetour is a relatively new Chinese automobile brand, founded in 2018 as a member of the Chery Automobile conglomerate. Despite its recent foray into the market, Jetour has quickly managed to position itself as a benchmark in the sports utility vehicle (SUV) and crossover segment, where it competes with Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and Chevrolet.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Jetour operates in a strategic location that allows it to efficiently manage its global operations and expand its presence in various international markets.

Jetour’s philosophy focuses on offering vehicles with attractive design, cutting-edge technology and competitive prices. Its model range, which includes the X70, X70 Plus, X90 Plus, Dashing and T2, among others, aims to meet the needs of different consumer segments, from large families to those looking for a practical vehicle for urban use.

Technology as distinctive

One of Jetour’s distinguishing factors is its focus on incorporating advanced technological features into its vehicles. Whether it’s next-generation infotainment systems or intelligent driving assistants, the brand seeks to offer a modern and safe driving experience.

In addition to its presence in the Chinese market, Jetour has expanded its reach globally, entering regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia and South America. This expansion strategy is part of its objective of consolidating itself as a relevant player in the SUV segment worldwide.

Jetour X70 Luxury arrives in Argentina with Dalian Concesionaria

In line with the growing demand for more sustainable vehicles, Jetour has also announced plans to introduce electric and hybrid models to its product range. The upcoming Jetour Dashing PHEV, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, is an example of this commitment to electric mobility.

With a proposal focused on design, technology and affordable prices, Jetour seeks to position itself as an attractive alternative in the SUV and crossover market, both in its country of origin and in international markets.

The Chinese brand bets on the x70

The presentation of the X70 model, a seven-seater SUV, is Jetour’s commitment to position itself with complete equipment and competitive prices.

Characterized by a modern design and large dimensions, the Jetour X70 is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine that delivers 147 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 210 Nm of maximum torque. The transmission is available in five-speed manual and eight-speed automatic options.

In the technological section, the X70 stands out for incorporating a 10-inch multimedia touch screen, multifunction steering wheel, 360° vision system, keyless entry and start button. Driving is complemented by assistants such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and parking sensors.

In terms of safety, the vehicle has four airbags, an electronic stability control system, ABS brakes and emergency braking assistance, among other devices. It also has Isofix anchors for child seats.

The Jetour X70 offer includes comfort equipment such as digital air conditioning, heated front seats, panoramic sliding roof and electric tailgate opening in the top-of-the-range version.

With a 55-liter fuel tank and an average consumption of 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers, the Jetour SUV aims to provide an efficient proposition in terms of autonomy and operating costs.


X70 Plus: more space without giving up luxury

For consumers who are more focused on space and family versatility, but without giving up high-end equipment, Jetour offers the X70 Plus. This SUV, also with seven seats, stands out for providing greater interior space compared to the standard X70, while maintaining a profile more oriented towards family use.


However, it is not far behind in terms of performance, as it is equipped with the 1.6 turbo engine and has premium details such as a panoramic roof, 10-inch digital screens, 360° camera and synthetic leather seats, placing it in the SUV category. luxury.

Hybrid power: the Jetour T2

At the top end of the range, Jetour has the impressive T2, a spacious SUV with a first-class interior. One of the main attractions of this model is its advanced BorgWarner next-generation 4WD drive system, which maximizes performance in different driving modes and road conditions.

But the most striking thing is that the T2 will be offered both in a plug-in hybrid version (PHEV) and with the traditional combustion engine, allowing a balance between power and low fuel consumption for more economical trips.

Jetour T2

Dashing i-DM: the first high-end electric SUV

In tune with the growing demand for completely electric vehicles, Jetour has taken a step forward with the Dashing i-DM, the first 100% electric model of the Chinese brand. This high-end SUV is equipped with a dual electric motor system that delivers a combined power of 240kW (322 hp) and a maximum torque of 545 Nm. But the most surprising thing is its range of more than 1000 km in a single battery charging cycle, making it one of the electric vehicles with the longest range on the market.

The Dashing i-DM is committed to providing a sporty driving experience in an electric SUV, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds. In addition, it incorporates a standard capacity of 3000W to charge external devices, which makes it an optimal vehicle for trips and outdoor activities, without giving up the comfort and luxury of a high-end SUV.

Jetour Dashing

With this wide range of models that ranges from family SUVs to cutting-edge sports and electric options, Jetour demonstrates its commitment to meeting the needs of diverse consumer profiles, offering attractive vehicles in design, equipment and features, but maintaining a focused value proposition. at affordable prices.

In all its options, Jetour represents an attractive balance between safety, comfort and power, all backed by the guarantee promise of a brand that is making a place for itself in the global market and which positions it as an interesting option within the SUV segment. .

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