The Japanese Prime Minister expressed concern this Saturday about joint Chinese and Russian bomber flights over waters close to Japan, warning that the country faces “the most difficult and complex post-war security environment”.

“Attempts to unilaterally change the ‘status quo’ in our country are intensifying,” said Fumio Kishida.

In the last incident, in June, four Chinese and Russian bombers flew together over the waters near Japan, which led to the deployment of fighter jets. The same happened when the bombers passed in November.

Although Japan’s airspace was not violated, the Ministry of Defense conveyed its grave concerns to China and Russia through diplomatic channels, viewing the action as a show of force.

Kishida also highlighted Japan’s decision to update key defense plans last year and acquire “counterattack” capabilities, i.e. the ability to attack enemy bases if necessary, which represents an important policy change under of the Japanese Constitution, which prohibits war.

The prime minister committed to securing the necessary funding to strengthen the country’s defenses in the face of security challenges, including nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.



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