The man who shot at a hospital in the city of Toda, Saitama, Japan, causing at least two injuries and then barricaded himself in a post office, with several hostages. has already been arrested, reports the BBC.

According to the same British newspaper, the 80-year-old suspect, who fled to a city 2.5 kilometers away (Warabi city), took two women hostage at the post office in the Chuo 5-chome area, one of which was released even before her arrest.

The second was released only when the police entered the establishment and arrested the man, according to NHK radio. Both left without any injuries and, so far, it has not yet been possible to determine the reasons for the attack.

According to information provided by the BBC, the man was involved in an attack on a hospital, which occurred an hour earlier and which left two injured — one doctor in his 40s and a patient in his 60s.


According to authorities, the victims were both conscious and had no life-threatening injuries. The Kyodo news agency also reported that the two victims were in a consultation room on the first floor when they were attacked.

According to the same source, authorities were notified an hour later by residents who heard gunshots at Toda Chūō General Hospital. The man fled the hospital on a motorcycle and, shortly after, a young woman who was seen outside the building was detained by authorities.

The nature of a fire that broke out near the closed area is also being investigated, as it is believed to be the home of the shooter.

Japan is a country with a strict policy when it comes to carrying weapons, with permit holders only being given permission after undergoing mental health examinations and tests, which contributes to the low rate of crimes related to firearms.


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