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Japan said this Thursday that the security situation around the country is “increasingly difficult”, after Russia and North Korea signed a security military assistance in case of attack.

Japan says alliance between Russia and North Korea worsens regional security

Japan is observe the result of the agreement between Russia and North Korea with great interest, since at this moment, the security environment that surrounds the country is increasingly difficult, given the military reinforcement between these nations”, said the Government spokesperson Japanese man, Yoshimasa Hayashi, at a press conference.

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According to the EFE news agency, Tokyo is concerned about possible technical-military cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang, which, if it were to happen, would violate UN Security Council resolutions.

The will of the international community is to seek the abolition of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile plan, but Russia would be violating this resolution, com to obtain weapons to use in the invasion of Ukraine,” Hayashi added.

Japan’s reaction came after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Pyongyang on Wednesday, the Moscow leader’s first visit to North Korea in more 24 years old.

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In this context, they signed a global strategic partnership agreement, which replaces the bilateral agreements signed so far by Moscow and Pyongyang, prohibits both sides from signing pacts with third countries that violate the fundamental interests of the other party and do not participate in such acts.

“If one of the two parties is subject to war situations due to an armed invasion of an individual country or several nations, the other party will provide military and other assistance without delay, mobilizing all possible means within its power, in accordance with the article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations and the laws of the DPRK and the Russian Federation”, reads the excerpt of the treaty released by the North Korean state news agency KCNA and to which the South Korean Yonhap had access.


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