Japan recorded between June and August the highest average temperatures recorded in the archipelago since statistics were established in 1898, the Japanese meteorological agency announced on Friday.

During this period, “average summer temperatures in Japan were significantly higher in the north, east and west of the country,” the Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) said in a statement.

“The average temperature anomaly in Japan, based on observations at 15 different locations, was +1.76 degrees Celsius, far exceeding that of 2010 (+1.08°C), which had been the highest so far. registered”, added the JMA.

In many places in the country, not only the maximum temperatures, but also the minimums reached records, as in the central city of Itoigawa, where the minimum temperature reached 31.4 degrees on August 10a higher value in the country, according to the JMA.

“Compared to years in which average summer temperatures were particularly high (2010, 2013, 2018 and 2022), the number of extremely hot days increased significantly from the end of July, making it the highest since 2010”, indicates the statement.


Source: https://observador.pt/2023/09/01/japao-registou-este-verao-as-temperaturas-medias-mais-altas-de-sempre/

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