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The Japanese Prime Minister on Monday pledged long-term involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine, underlining his commitment to support the country ahead of the two-year anniversary of the Russian invasion.

In his opening speech at a conference that Japan co-organized with the Ukrainian government and business organizations, Fumio Kishida stated that Japanese public and private cooperation will be a long-term partnership based on inclusiveness, humanitarianism, as well as technology e no knowledge. More than 50 cooperation agreements have been signed by Japanese and Ukrainian government agencies and companies.

Kishida stressed the importance of investment in all sectors for the country’s future development and to ensure that support meets Ukraine’s needs. “The war in Ukraine is still ongoing at this very moment and the situation is not easy. Promoting economic reconstruction, however, is not only an investment in Ukraine’s future, but also an investment in Japan and around the world,” he added.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who led the Ukrainian delegation, made up of more than 100 people, stated that this incentive is a “new beginning of cooperation between the two countries”. Ukraine is not just rebuilding, it is creating “new rules of the game, new approaches”, said the politician. All eyes are on Ukraine and “dictators and potential invaders” are also watching how Russia’s violation of international law is viewed and how the world will react, he considered.


According to Japanese authorities, around 300 people and 80 companies from both countries participate in the Japan-Ukraine Conference for Promoting Economic Growth and Reconstructionco-organized by the Governments of both countries, the powerful Japanese business organization Keidanren and the Japan External Trade Organization.

In addition to Japan’s long-term support to help Ukraine achieve economic stability, Tokyo and Kiev stressed the importance of maintain strict sanctions against Russia, according to a joint statement.

Japan delivers 100 military vehicles to Ukraine

Japan also announced the start of talks to review a bilateral investment pact and ease travel restrictions for Japanese business visitors to Ukraine. Focused on reconstruction and investment in Ukraine, the conference also aims at Japan’s national security.

Kishida has repeatedly stated that “today’s Ukraine could be tomorrow’s East Asia“, at a time when the Asian country is witnessing increasingly assertive military actions by China in the region.

Japanese Prime Minister warns that Asia could become “the Ukraine of tomorrow”

Japan’s contribution of around 11 billion euros to Ukraine over the last two years is mainly financial and humanitarian, given that Japanese military equipment is limited to non-lethal weapons.

Japanese support focuses on seven areas: clearing mines and debris, improving humanitarian and living conditions, agriculture, biochemical manufacturing, digital and information industries, infrastructure in the energy and transport sectors, and anti-corruption measures.

Japan, in cooperation with other members of the G7 (seven most industrialized countries in the world), hopes to link this Tokyo meeting with a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine, to be held in Germany in June.


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