Bitcoin ve altcoins BTC is showing sudden movements as it starts the week in the red. At this point BTC While it fell to $54,000 in the morning hours, it rose to $57,000 again in recent hours.

While wondering whether there will be a fall or rise in the BTC and cryptocurrency markets? Coinshares released its weekly cryptocurrency report.

Coinshares stated that there was an inflow of $441 million in cryptocurrency investment products last week, and that the declines are expected to be seen as a buying opportunity.

“While a total of $441 million in inflows were recorded in cryptocurrency investment products last week, the recent price weakness due to selling pressure from Mt. Gox and the German Government is likely to be viewed as a buying opportunity.”

Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) in Focus!

When looking at individual crypto funds, the majority of fund inflows BitcoinIt was seen that .

BTC experienced an inflow of $398 million, while the largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) also experienced an inflow of $10.2 million.

When we look at other altcoins Solana (SOL) 16.3 million dollars, Litecoin (LTC) $0.9 million and XRP It experienced an inflow of $0.4 million.

“Bitcoin saw $398 million in inflows but unusually only represented 90% of total inflows as investors chose to invest in a much broader range of altcoins.

The most notable of these was Solana, which saw $16 million in inflows last week. This brings inflows to $57 million since the beginning of the year, making it the best-performing altcoin in terms of flows.

Ethereum sentiment appears to have shifted and is seeing $10 million inflows but remains the only altcoin to see net outflows since the beginning of the year.”

When we look at regional fund inflows and outflows, we see an inflow of 384 million dollars. ABDIt was seen that ranks first.

Hong Kong came in second after the US with $32.3 million, and Switzerland came in third with $23.8 million.

Against these entries Germany It experienced an outflow of $22.7 million.

*This is not investment advice.

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