Michael Saylor, founder and chairman of MicroStrategy, stated that he was not considering selling after the rise in Bitcoin.

Participating in a broadcast by Bloomberg, one of the US media, Saylor answered the question of whether the company was considering selling since the value of the Bitcoins in its possession exceeded 10 billion dollars, “Bitcoin is the best asset class, why should I sell it?” he replied.

Saylor’s statements on Bloomberg TV are as follows:

“Capital is now becoming digital”

Spot ETFs have opened the door for institutional companies to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem. The interest in ETFs is much greater than the Bitcoins mined every day… Demand varies between 8-10 times on a daily basis. Spot ETFs help digitize capital. It enables the transition of the analog system to the digital economy.

“Now side by side with Apple and Microsoft…”

Actually, I’ve said it before. I will always continue to buy from the top! Bitcoin is the most powerful asset in existence right now. Bitcoin is an exit strategy, an escape ticket. Bitcoin has exceeded the market value of $ 1 trillion and in this sense, it is side by side with companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft… However, the difference of Bitcoin is that it is not a company. Bitcoin is an asset class. The companies I mentioned do not have a system to hold capital of 10 or 100 trillion dollars. Bitcoin has…

“Bitcoin is superior to real estate and gold, why should I sell?”

Bitcoin is currently competing with gold, which has a market capitalization 10 times greater than it. It competes with the S&P 500 and competes with the $100 trillion-plus real estate market. I think capital will continue to come into Bitcoin from these areas. Because Bitcoin is technically much superior to these asset classes. I don’t want to sell the winners and buy the losers either… Why should I sell?

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