Tom Lee, one of the managers of the financial research company FundStrat, made a price prediction of 150 thousand dollars for Bitcoin. Stating that the largest cryptocurrency could go up to 180 thousand dollars in the summer months, Lee said that he stood behind his idea.

Tom Lee, who participated in the Squawk Box program on the famous US financial channel CNBC, stated that the ETF and halving effect will be great in the price increase:

“There is an increasing demand with ETFs, and the halving is also approaching. The Fed’s ending of monetary restriction will also be positive for risky assets. I do not expect a decline in the short term. “My price prediction for this year is 150 thousand dollars.”

Moderators discussed

Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin, two famous moderators of the program, discussed Bitcoin as a store of value. Following Tom Lee’s comments, the topic turned to Gary Gensler’s negative views on Bitcoin.

Joe Kernen: “I use Bitcoin for the benefits it provides. “It is not Bitcoin’s fault that those who want ransom through the software demand Bitcoin,” he said.

Andrew Ross Sorkin stated that he does not agree that Bitcoin is a store of value and said, “The values ​​of the store of value remain the same. “It won’t be volatile,” he said.

Kernen also opposed this comment and said, “Gold was once 300 dollars, today it is 2000 dollars. But it is the greatest store of value,” he said.

Kernen was also known for the harsh questions and comments he made to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on live broadcast about Bitcoin.

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