The Huangguoshu waterfall in Guizhou province recently reached an impressive flow rate of 381 cubic meters per second. This is the highest flow rate in 2024, as reported by the local hydrological and water resources office.

This natural wonder, known for its imposing size and beauty, has a height of 77.8 meters and a width of 101 meters, formed by an erosion fissure in the karst plateau.

A natural wonder celebrated through the centuries

Continuous rains upstream on the Baishui River have caused this impressive phenomenon. Throughout history, Huangguoshu Waterfall has been celebrated in numerous Chinese literary works, poems and paintings, highlighting its revered status in Chinese culture.

Huangguoshu Restaurant

This natural phenomenon not only impresses with its strength and volume, but also with its overwhelming beauty, attracting visitors from all over the world who seek to marvel at its powerful flow of water and the unique scenery of the region.

In addition to being a notable tourist attraction, Huangguoshu has been celebrated throughout Chinese history in literary works, poems and paintings. In this way, we can observe its status as a cultural and natural symbol of great value in China. Its location in the heart of a karst region adds fascinating geological context, making this waterfall a place not only of visual beauty, but also of scientific and cultural importance.

To explore Huangguoshu Waterfall is to immerse yourself in the history and nature of the country, experiencing the grandeur of the landscape and the rich tradition that has inspired generations of artists and writers.


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