Cryptocurrency analysis platform Arkham According to data, various governments around the world own significant amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Highly Bitcoin (BTC) ve Ethereum (ETH)’dan The value of the portfolios formed is in the billions of dollars.

Lately US and German governments While the company made headlines with large amounts of BTC sales, these sales combined with Mt. Gox refunds and caused sharp declines in the market.

After these sales Arkham data revealed that many governments still hold significant amounts of Bitcoin, worth around $17.8 billion at current market prices.

According to Arkham data, while the USA, UK and Germany have significant amounts of Bitcoin that they have seized as a result of various criminal cases, El Salvador continues to purchase Bitcoin within the scope of the 1 BTC decision every day.

The US government holds the largest share of Bitcoin, holding 213,297K BTC worth approximately $12.21 billion. The US government also holds a small amount of Etheruem (ETH) in addition to BTC.

It remains unclear when future U.S. government sales will occur, as the government does not announce its plans in advance to avoid market manipulation.

The United Kingdom follows the United States. The UK government holds approximately $3.3 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Recently, Bitcoin sales have come to the fore The German government holds 41,226K BTC worth $2.28 billion.

Unlike other countries, El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury is the president’s Nayib Bukele is buying Bitcoin as part of a national BTC strategy launched by the

El Salvador holds 5,802 BTC worth $321 million.

*This is not investment advice.

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