Bitfinex, one of the important exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, was also added to the institutions that wrote reports about the halving. Following yesterday’s Bernstein and Bitwise reports, Bitfinex exchange expects the rise to continue after the halving.

“The path is similar to 2020”

In the evaluation article, it was stated that the reward halving in Bitcoin is one of the most fundamental factors in terms of the security of the network and that there is always an increase in the price afterwards, and it was stated that the same scenario is likely to occur again:

“This week’s halving is one of the most fundamental factors in terms of Bitcoin price dynamics… As the halving approaches, the number of BTC issued from central exchanges is increasing. When we look at the past, we see that Bitcoin investors made similar movements in the pre-halving period in 2020. In 2021, the price experienced a very sharp upward move. “The path we are currently on creates the impression that we may experience the same rise again.”

In the report, it was written that BTCs that did not move on the stock exchanges have now started to exit, meaning that investors have actually started to withdraw their coins to cold wallets.

In yesterday’s Bitwise and Bernstein reports, it was stated that sharp increases may not occur immediately after the halving, but after a few months, Bitcoin has always gone up so far.

The last halving occurred in May 2020, and cryptocurrencies experienced a major bull season in 2021 with sharp price increases that started in December 2020.

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