While the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, has been a matter of debate for many years, the most prominent name on this issue was Hal Finney. Finney’s death and Satoshi Nakamoto’s disappearance to such an extent that it is not even known whether he is alive or not constitute the biggest intersection point.

The final analysis on this subject came from Adam Cochran, known for his evaluations in the crypto world. Cochran stated in a long series of tweets on

“Withdrawal and progression of the disease occur at the same time.”

Cochran starts this tweet series with the point everyone was waiting for and says that Satoshi’s withdrawal in 2010 coincided with the progression of Hal Finney’s ALS disease, which also caused him to lose his life:

“I always thought the main character behind Satoshi was Hal Finney. Even if it is supported by 1-2 side characters… I think the new e-mails seriously support my theses on this subject. We learn from the emails that Satoshi had another job in 2009. This period also coincides with Hal Finney’s time working for PGP Corporation. During this time, Hal Finney’s health is deteriorating. Satoshi states in emails that he will be busy for a while. Between March 7, 2010 and May 16, 2010, Satoshi disappeared, stating that he was busy with other things. During this period, PGP Corporation was also sold to a company called Symantec. Hal’s health is deteriorating again. On April 26, 2011, Satoshi sends his last known e-mail to Gavin Andersen. He says he will start doing other things. This email comes right around the time Hal Finney started working on signature verification.”

“Similar movements in self-disguising…”

Cochran also describes how Finney and Nakamoto backed away from events that were risky and would bring them to the fore, and argues that these are similar:

“On March 22, 2013, Hal Finney praises Satoshi’s gentle withdrawal and loss. Actually, this doesn’t make sense because Satoshi had never told anyone that he was considering withdrawing. Even after he disappeared, many people criticized this decision. Additionally, after an arms trade violation indictment was filed against Phil Zimmermann, the head of PGP Corporation, Hal Finney is demanding that his status within the company be reduced due to his role in the encryption software. This may be the reason why Satoshi does not want donations to Wikileaks in Bitcoin. He may not want to experience the pressure his former boss experienced. In fact, 20 days after an interview with Hal Finney, a post is made saying ‘I am not Dorian Nakamoto’. “Instead of Hal Finney, this sharing can easily be done through a member of his family.”

Detail not explained here; In the interview, Finney, who has ALS, had difficulty speaking and could not answer every question. Therefore, it is stated that instead of Finney, who could not physically use his body at that time, the sharing could be done by family members who could easily log into the accounts from the computer.

Dorian Nakamoto-Satoshi-Hal Finney üçgeni…

At that time, Newsweek magazine completely trusted some of the information provided by its reporter and carried the news on its cover stating that a person named Dorian Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. This news was completely wrong. Dorian Nakamoto had nothing to do with Satoshi Nakamoto.

One detail that Cochran did not mention in his tweets, or perhaps forgot, was that Dorian Nakamoto’s house was located a few blocks from the neighborhood where Hal Finney lived. Those who claim that Hal Finney is Satoshi generally use this detail as important information. It is thought that Satoshi created this pseudonym after Dorian Nakamoto.

“American and British English with spelling hours..”

The analyst also evaluates the fact that Satoshi uses both American and British English, which is also a subject that has been discussed for years, and that the writing hours in the forums correspond to the Pacific Ocean time zones:

“We expect Satosh to be constantly writing and supporting ideas with outside contributors. Most of their communications follow the Pacific time zone. However, some pronunciations are made in British English. The word written as ‘realize’ is sometimes written as ‘realise’. Or instead of the word ‘cheque’, Martti asks Malmi about payment options in Europe, which a British person would easily know. England was already a member of the EU at that time. Many English speakers may confuse the spelling of some words but do not constantly change them. Changing these is also an indication that you want to hide your identity.”

“In general terms, Satoshi integrates with Hal Finney.”

At the end of his article, analyst Cochran states that Hal Finney worked with some people in the early stages of Bitcoin, who later left the project, but that Satoshi generally fits his character:

“As a result, Hal Finney worked with several developers early on. They later left the project. But much of the character of Hal Finney fits Satoshi. He knew he would die in 2010. and the death of the Bitcoin developer could have been the end of the project. Satoshi retreated, Hal came back. And he tried to contribute to the project as long as his health allowed. He transferred the coins he found again to cold wallets. He set them aside for his children and future generations. The fact that his former boss, Zimmerman, was nearly accused of arms smuggling allowed him to keep a sharp lid on himself. Because Hal Finney himself wrote the encryption codes there. Even the fact that he writes in British English and has no knowledge of England shows some things.”

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