Spot Ethereum ETFOn the subject of US SECacting before Hong Kongis preparing to add staking to Ethereum ETFs.

Speaking to DL News, Vivien Wong, partner at ETF issuer HashKey Capital, announced that staking feature will be launched on ETH ETFs in Hong Kong in the near future.

“As soon as spot Ethereum ETFs were approved in the US, people came running to us asking, ‘Are you planning to launch an ETH staking product?’”

Wong stated that he conveyed the market and investors’ demand for staking products to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and that they will present a detailed proposal in the near future.

“Last month I sent a message to regulators saying that Ethereum staking was needed, they said without hesitation, ‘okay, please send a detailed proposal.’

While existing spot Ethereum ETFs allow investors to easily invest in Ethereum through accounts, they do not allow them to earn extra returns as they do not have a staking feature.

If straking happens, they can earn extra income.

However, it will probably take around six months for a new Ethereum product to be released that includes staking.”

HashKey Capital partner Vivien Wong recently Ethereum (ETH) He said that other cryptocurrencies could one day have their own ETFs, but the options are not yet clear.

According to Wong, for Hong Kong regulators to approve new crypto ETFs, the relevant altcoin must be publicly tradable through registered virtual asset trading platforms.

Wong said HashKey Capital could potentially Solana (SOL) It noted that it is actively collaborating with regulators to introduce more innovative products, including its ETF.

Referring to tokens issued on the Ethereum network, Wong said:

“ERC-20 tokens are likely candidates for ETFs. Some names like Chainlink or Uniswap.

And the Solana ETF may also be among the plans.

“We are currently in discussions with SFC. We continue to launch new products.”

*This is not investment advice.

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