The German government, Bitcoin He continues to sell Bitcoins in his wallet despite the huge drops in price.

Germany transferred hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin today, according to data from blockchain analysis firm Arkham.

German Government Continues Bitcoin Sales!

An address from the German government, according to Arkham data transferred approximately 3,133 BTC ($170 million) to crypto exchanges and crypto market makers in the last hour.

Among the transfers made Coinbase ve Bitstamp 300 BTC ($17.13 million) each to their exchanges and market maker Flow TradersThe transfer of 1,000 BTC ($57.08 million) to .

In addition to these, To an address starting with “bc1qu” 250 BTC worth $14.29 million and Kraken bsent 150 BTC ($8.57 million) to the market.

The German government is also a liquidity provider He sent 1,000 BTC worth $57.16 million to an address starting with “139PoP,” which is suspected to belong to B2C2 Group.

Finally, the German government is a market maker Cumberland DRWHe also transferred 133,722 BTC worth $7.63 million to .

After recent transfers, the German government still has $2.017 billion in its wallet BTC It is located.

Germany’s selling pressure on Bitcoin continues Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun, In order to reduce the selling pressure on Bitcoin, he announced that Germany would purchase all of its Bitcoins via OTC.

However, to date, there has been no official statement regarding Bitcoin trading from either the German side or Justin Sun.


The German government continued its transfers according to Arkham data. Accordingly, the German government Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken Market maker with exchanges Flow Traders and sent a large amount of BTC to an address starting with “139PoP,” which is suspected to belong to liquidity provider B2C2 Group.

According to the data, the German government still has 23,788 BTC worth $1.33 billion.

According to Arkham, today’s BTC transfers make it the largest day of transfers for Germany to date, as the German government transferred over 16,000 BTC in total.

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