SkyBridge Capital founder and CEO Anthony Scaramucci stated that Bitcoin could rise to 170 thousand dollars. Participating in a program on CNBC, one of the US media, Scaramucci said that Bitcoin is progressing much faster than gold in terms of ETFs.

The words of the famous investor in the interview, who stated that Sam Bankman-Fried, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison, deserved this punishment but felt sorry for him, are as follows:

“It did in 3 months what gold did in 1 year.”

The most important factor in Bitcoin’s rise is, of course, ETFs. Now Wall Street has also opened up to Bitcoin ETFs… Frankly, I was surprised by the investment of more than 10 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year. From where? Because when the gold ETF was first released, it took 1 year to reach this figure. Bitcoin did this 1 in 4 times.

“Halving is still not priced”

Bitcoin’s new daily supply of 900 units will now decrease to 450. People were saying, ‘ETFs are priced out’ before approval. I didn’t agree with this then either. Now it is said that ‘Halving is being priced’. No, I don’t agree with that either. Bitcoin has a long way to go. Bitcoin is still in its adoption phase. I liken it to the situation of Web1 in 97-98.

“I think the price of 170 thousand dollars will come”

We are currently in the price discovery period. There will definitely be volatility. Nothing happens overnight, but I think the price will increase significantly. We see that if a person has held Bitcoin for more than 4 years, he has not lost any money or suffered any losses. As for the price, Bitcoin is making a serious peak approximately 18 months after the halving. I think this top will be 170 thousand dollars. I think Bitcoin will reach here.

“I feel sorry for SBF”

I think I’m getting softer as I get older. I feel bad for Sam Bankman-Fried. Yes, he lied and deceived so many people. When I look, I see a child with a lot of damage. He will spend 20 years of his life in prison. However, I do not think this penalty is too much. Because he broke the law. I feel sorry for him and his family.

“Gary Gensler actually did crypto a favor”

See, Gary Gensler approves Bitcoin ETFs with futures in 2021. At that time, it could also accept spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, the period of more than 1 year has revealed the over-leveraged system and frauds in the crypto world. People experienced, lived and saw. Finally, they took precautions. If spot ETFs were accepted at that time. It wasn’t going to happen this way. The damage would be much greater.

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