The Embassy of Japan in Argentina together with The Japan Foundation invites you to enjoy Japanese cinema with a series designed for all lovers of the seventh art. In a time where virtuality and streaming are already part of our daily lives, this proposal allows us to discover the best of Japanese productions that do not reach commercial platforms, from the comfort of our homes.

From June 5 to July 2, the public in Argentina will be able to enjoy 25 titles of Japanese origin selected especially for the Japanese Film Festival Online 2024

The festival will be divided into 2 stages: First: Between Wednesday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 18, you can see 23 films never seen before in Argentina, of various genres such as drama, romance, comedy, action, among others, including 4 shorts of the horror genre, 1 classic, 1 documentary and 1 anime. Second: From Wednesday, June 19 to Tuesday, July 2, 2 unpublished series will be available in the country.

All content can be enjoyed completely free of charge, with subtitles in Spanish, through this link:

The Japanese film industry was one of the most powerful of the 20th century, acclaimed at prestigious international festivals for its visual elegance and level of scenic detail. Currently, new Japanese cinema shows great flexibility by incorporating elements from different cultures, while continuing to seek inspiration from its own history.

Japanese film festival online en Argentina

The third edition of the Japanese Film Festival Online is a project of the Japan Foundation created with the aim of sharing the excitement of Japanese cinema around the world. The festival will take place in 27 countries simultaneously (Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Brunei, Cambodia, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, United States , Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt and New Zealand) for two weeks in June 2024 and residents of Argentina will be able to watch 25 Japanese content of different genres completely free of charge and with subtitles available in 16 languages.

Additionally, the films “School Meals Time Graduation”; “Jungle Emperor Leo, aka Kiba the white lion”; “The lines that define me”; Wedding high”; and “The Zen diary” will have the option of Japanese subtitles for students and lovers of this language.

Live interviews

In this edition and exclusively, addressing the Spanish-speaking public for the first time, Director WAJIMA Kōtarō of the film “The Lone Ume Tree” (2021) will be interviewed by Diego Brodersen – film critic and Programming Director of the Sala Leopoldo Lugones of the San Martín Theater – with interpretation into Spanish and a space after questions and answers from the public. This activity is co-organized with the Japan Foundation in Mexico. WAJIMA Kōtarō is a Japanese writer and director known for his works With Little Yuri Episode 1 (2011), The Lone Ume Tree (2021) (Trailer available at this link), and Kinki (2014). ”The Lone Ume Tree” is a moving drama that chronicles the tender relationship between a middle-aged autistic son and his loving mother, while exploring the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Day and time: Wednesday, June 5, 8:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Online event via Zoom, free with prior registration through this LINK.

In addition, this activity will be broadcast live on the Facebook account of the Embassy of Japan in Argentina:

Titles of the 2024 edition

1) We made a Beautiful Bouquet (2021, Drama, romance, 124min) 2) Single8 (2023, Personal Growth, Drama, CiFi, 113min) 3) ANIME SUPREMACY! (2022, Anime, business, drama, 128min) 4) Baby Assassins (2021, Action, comedy, personal growth, 95min) 5) The lines that define me (2022, Art, personal growth, drama, 106min) 6) JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO, aka KIMBA THE WHITE LION (1966, Anime, classic, 75min) 7) FATHER OF THE MILKY WAY RAILROAD (Biography, drama, family, 128min) 8) The Handsome suit (2008, Comedy, drama, romance, 115min) 9 ) School meals time graduation (2022, Comedy, drama, gastronomy, 104min) 10) BL metamorphosis (2022, BL, drama, LGBTQ+, 118min) 11) My broken Mariko (2022, Drama, road movie, sisterhood, 85min) 12 ) The Zen diary (2022, Drama, gastronomy, Japanese culture, 111min) 13) WEDDING HIGH (2022, Business, comedy, drama, 117min) 14) I am what I am (2022, Drama, LGBTQ+, 104min) 15) KIBA : THE FANGS OF FICTION (2021, Business, drama, mystery, 113min) 16) The lone ume tree (2021, Drama, family, 77min) 17) I go gaga: welcome home mom (2022, Documentary, family, 101 min) 18) WE’RE BROKE MY LORD (2023, Comedy, historical drama, 120min) 19) TWENTY-FOUR EYES (1954, Classic, drama, 156min) 20) JAPAN HORROR FILM COMPETITION: Best wishes to all (2023, Horror, 11min) ) 21) JAPAN HORROR FILM COMPETITION: Closet (2023, Terror, 8min) 22) JAPAN HORROR FILM COMPETITION: KARAKASA (2023, Terror, 29min) 23) JAPAN HORROR FILM COMPETITION: The invitation (2023, Terror, 13min)

About the online Japanese film festival

In 2020, the digital magazine JFF Magazine reinvents itself under the name JFF Plus, and adds the “Watch” section with the celebration of the Japanese Film Festival Online, and the “Read” and “Join” sections to spread the charms of Japanese cinematography. In its first edition, the festival was broadcast in 20 countries on five continents, 30 films from classic to contemporary were available digitally and free of charge, and 210 thousand views were reached around the world. This year the festival already reaches 27 countries with subtitles in 16 languages.


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