Bitcoin One of the largest institutional BTC investors with its purchases MicroStrategy’nin There are many companies following in his footsteps.

One of these companies is the Japanese giant Metaplanet happened.

Metaplanet Inc., a well-known Japanese investment giant, announced that it has made another Bitcoin purchase. Accordingly, the company spent 200 Million Yen ($1.25 million) to purchase Bitcoin. By purchasing additional BTC, the company signaled that it is strengthening its place in the cryptocurrency market.

The company made a big impact in the country last month by investing 1 billion Yen ($6.5 million) in Bitcoin for its corporate treasury.

With the last purchase, Metaplanet has 117.72 Bitcoins as of May 10, and these are: BTC It was purchased for ¥1.2 billion at an average price of ¥10,193,536 per piece.

Currently, the value of BTCs is approximately 7.397 Million dollars.

In their statement, Metaplanet officials said that the company’s purchase of Bitcoin is not just a financial decision or investment. Believing that the BTC move will make the company a pioneer in the field of finance, Metaplanet said that by adopting Bitcoin, Japan aims to be a pioneer in the field of digital finance and the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Metaplanet also supports established and important companies like themselves. Bitcoin He thinks that his acquisition could increase confidence among investors and help the cryptocurrency market grow.

*This is not investment advice.

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