China’s first “ground-based space station,” the Space Environment Simulation and Research Infrastructure (SESRI), underwent acceptance review on Tuesday in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province.

SESRI is a large-scale, ground-based space science and technology experimental platform designed to study basic scientific questions in areas such as space materials, devices, and magnetospheric physics. Jointly developed by the Harbin Institute of Technology and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, it has the ability to simulate nine factors of the space environment, such as plasma, vacuum, particle irradiation and solar electromagnetic radiation.

It is an important scientific facility in China’s space sector, as well as the first major science and technology infrastructure project in China’s northeast region, according to local authorities.

“The achievement means that many future experiments that would have to be carried out in space before can now be carried out on land,” said Li Liyi, head of the space environment and materials science research institute at Harbin Institute of Technology.


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