Fatih Otluoğlu, who has held various senior managerial roles in marketing, strategy and sales channel management at Vodafone Turkey, was appointed as the CEO of BitHero, a new cryptocurrency exchange established to bring a fresh breath to the crypto world.

Fatih Otluoğlu, who has many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and attracted attention with his successful business results during his tenure at Vodafone Turkey, will lead BitHero’s growth and development strategies this time.

Fatih Otluoğlu, who started his career in management consultancy after completing his undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering at Boğaziçi University and his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the same university, led many projects in the fields of strategic management and restructuring at home and abroad during this duty. Afterwards, he took part in various management positions in Turkey’s leading telecommunication companies. After continuing his career in Germany for a while, he moved to Vodafone Turkey in 2012. Here, Otluoğlu served as Strategy Planning and Business Development Director, Marketing Director, Commercial Marketing and Device Operations Director; He led growth and marketing projects of various scales for 10 years. As of January 2024, Fatih Otluoğlu started to work as the CEO of BitHero, the new face of the cryptocurrency industry.

Fatih Otluoğlu said, “I am very happy to serve as the CEO of a new and dynamic company like BitHero. At BitHero, where we simplify the cryptocurrency trading experience, we want everyone to be able to easily access and trade this technology. With the experience we offer, we approach it as a guide for users who are new to cryptocurrencies and making transactions for the first time. We have made every step easier, from membership processes to buying and selling transactions. “With our 24/7 live support, strong financial structure and reliable technological infrastructure, we set out to meet the expectations of users in the growing world of crypto assets with the best end-to-end solutions,” he said.

BitHero set out to guide users who are new to the crypto world and to be with them at all times, and to accelerate experienced users on a reliable platform; It receives technology, customer service and infrastructure support from BtcTurk.

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