ECIJA Argentina held its annual cocktail party where they announced the additions to the study of Dr. Andrés Chacras for the tax area; Dr. Jose Sauro de Carvalho for the compliance and corporate integrity area and Dr. Rodolfo Caffaro Kramer as Counsel in ASEAN Region.

The event had an excellent turnout among those who participated: the Malaysian Ambassador HE Nur Azman Abdul Rahim; Indonesian Ambassador HE Sulaiman Syarif; the Ambassador of the Order of Malta HE Ferdinad Porak; the Minister of the German Embassy HE Peter Neven; Counselors of the Thai Embassies Mr. Phisek Panupat; from the Philippines Mrs. Anna Iglesias; from Malaysia Mr. Idhaam Zuhri Mohamed Yunus; from Spain Mr. Guillermo Kessler and from France Mr. Jean-Francois Michel.

Also present were representatives of the Chambers of Commerce: MERCOSUR ASEAN; Franco-Argentina and the EURO Chamber, together with businessmen and clients of ECIJA.

Embajador de Indonesia, SE Sulaiman Syarif

On this occasion, ECIJA also announced the creation of the first ASEAN Desk which will be led by Dr. Rodolfo Caffaro Kramer who in his speech highlighted the growing importance of ASEAN in the world and in particular its relationship with Latin America.

I also point out that the European Union has a special interest in the relationship with ASEAN, which was demonstrated both by the economic resources allocated to the relationship with ASEAN (10 billion Euros in the last year) and the state visits of the President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Prime Minister of Thailand Srettha Thavisin who were received during the first months of this year by Chancellor Scholz of Germany within the framework of the negotiations for the future Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and ASEAN.

Malaysian Ambassador HE Nur Azman Abdul Rahim

In addition, Caffaro Kramer added that MERCOSUR, like the European Union, is willing to sign a Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN. In fact, in December 2023, the brand new Free Trade Agreement between MERCOSUR and Singapore was signed, which will allow us to use Singapore as an entry hub to ASEAN and Southeast Asia.

Therefore, the conditions are in place for ECIJA Argentina to open the first ASEAN Desk in the country to assist “full service” to our clients in the Internationalization of Argentine and regional companies that want to explore ASEAN, helping them choose the best strategy. of entry to the market and on the other hand assist ASEAN companies that come to our region to carry out projects and investments.

“We also have the invaluable support of the MERCOSUR ASEAN Chamber (MACC) that will accompany ECIJA Argentina in its relationship with ASEAN,” said Caffaro Kramer.

ASEAN, for its acronym in English “Association of Southeast Asian Nations” was established in 1967 with 10 countries: Thailand; Indonesia; Philippines; Singapore and Malaysia, Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia; Brunei and Myanmar.

Counselor of the Philippine Embassy, ​​Ms. Anna Iglesias

ASEAN, with a population exceeding 750 million people, constitutes the most ambitious and dynamic integration project in a region characterized by cultural, religious, economic and political diversity.

ECIJA Argentina is a “Full service” law firm that provides comprehensive advice to national and international companies and businesses, committed to the structural problems that society suffers in our time and with the objective of generating long-term relationships based on the premise of satisfaction. of the client and services of professional excellence.

Dr. A.S. Rodolfo Caffaro Kramer, president of MACC Global

Founded in 1997 and with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, it is currently the leading firm in Spain in TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) and the Spanish firm with the greatest presence in Latin America. Also considered among the 50 most innovative firms in Europe by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report.


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