In Japan, a woman in her 90s was rescued alive after five days under the rubble caused by the earthquake that shook the country on the first day of the year.

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Japanese coast last Monday, causing significant damage. At least 120 people died, and another 200 are still missing.

The earthquake left several towns on the Noto peninsula in rubble, including the city of Suzu, with around 15 thousand inhabitants, where the elderly woman was found.

According to the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbunaround 100 rescue team operators were sent to the site when it became known that there were victims buried alive.

According to local authorities, the elderly woman was eventually found alive and conscious, showing signs of hypothermia. In addition to the survivor’s advanced age, rescue is particularly unlikely considering how rare it is to find victims buried alive after 72 hours of an earthquake.

Search operations continue, being carried out by the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The search for survivors has been hampered by the bad weather that has been recorded in the country. Rain is forecast for this Sunday, which could pose even more obstacles to operations.



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