In the ancient resort town of Shexiang in southwest China’s Guizhou province, 500 drones with twinkling lights took to the skies, forming patterns resembling a dragon, a phoenix and a lotus in succession, as curious tourists took out their cellphones to capture the incredible spectacle.

The drone groups were hired by the local tourism company responsible for managing the site. Yuan Yuan, president of the company, said the show was held four times last month, with the number of tourists reaching a record 100,000 when it debuted on January 18. “Even a small squid barbecue stall made about 8,000 yuan (about a thousand US dollars) that day, more than 10 times the usual amount,” he added.

Long Lipin, manager of drone performance company called Digital Intelligence Culture, said the company based in the provincial capital of Guiyang has held 12 drone fleet shows since last August, earning a total business revenue of 1.55 million yuan. until the end of 2023.

From official celebrations such as the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games to commercial promotions, birthday parties and marriage proposals, drone fleet performances have become increasingly popular in China, with the market size constantly on the rise. expansion in recent years.


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